Fibre Optic Cable Splicing

Fibre Optic Splicing services using Fujikura Splicing Machine.

Structured Cabling Testing & Certification Services.

Testing to analyse source of failure, Crosstalk, return loss and shield faults for faster trouble shooting.

Optical loss test with Fluke Certifibre Pro.

Testing optical loss, two fibres at two wavelengths, eliminates need to travel end to end. Identifies events including connectors,Splices, bends and splitters.

OTDR Testing using Fluke Optifibre Pro.

Tests two fibres in a single test optical loss, two fibres at two wavelengths in under 3 Seconds, fastest time to certify.

Fluke Fibre Inspector.

One Second automated Pass/Fail Test of Fibre Optic Connector and end faces. Graphical indication of contamination, pits, chips and scratches.

CCTV , Security Cameras Consultancy Services & Support.

• CCTV and Security Cameras Trouble shooting and repair services.
• Consultancy and design solutions for CCTV & Surveillance.

Laptop Repair Services (Any Make / Model)

Any make of Laptops repair services.

Website Design and Development

We add business to your online presence with professional websites catered to your industry.